Personal and Professional Note

Warmest Greetings and Happy New Year to my dear family, friends, and collaborators!

As you may know, I’ve been immersed in an ocean of businesses and related endeavors. This recent holiday season has given me the opportunity to slow down, contact my “circle”, and provide you with an update on my activities.
It’s not news that I am, and have always been, committed to improving the lives of others while cultivating a lifetime path of personal progress.

First and foremost, I’m grateful and proud to report that my wife, children and greater family are thriving.  Ayres, now 5, is quite the caring gentleman and athlete.  His sister Isla, 7, is his favorite person and a blossoming young lady, full of passion and creative expression. My stepson Gavin is 23 and navigating young adulthood with the heart of gold and brilliant mind.  Marissa and I have our hands full with them, their activities and two dogs, but manage to carve out quiet moments together, by design. She is my rock, counsel and an entrepreneur, herself.

Businesswise, for the past 17 months, I spearheaded the sale of the final remaining parcels of land for development at the legendary Mauna Kea Resort, originally founded by Lawrence Rockefeller.  My wife and I love this area and it was climactic for me, personally and professionally, to work with the existing developer and garner the new co-developer, for the construction of luxury residences above the existing resort facilities and along the golf course of this majestic location.

This iconic sale was not without its obstacles, but it was a classic case of passion and absolute commitment rising above!

From the beginning, I have approached my real estate activity as a vehicle to further my entrepreneurial ambitions, hence my history of involvement in all aspects of the industry. And the pathway has been steady & successful.

As I became able to concentrate on investments for key clients and investors, I found myself presented with a profound shift upward — now, into Legacy Education Alliance, (previously Robert Kiyosaki’s live events real estate and trading education platform), after 4 years of my tracking and supporting the company’s transition and further restructuring after Covid.

Nothing is more attractive to me in business than leveraging a powerful platform to meet the needs of as many people as possible with marketing leading solutions. This is where I’ve arrived.
I couldn’t be prouder of my relationship with the brilliant Barry Kostiner in this great work, along with our world-class team, many of whom are my dear friends. Together, we are making profound progress daily.

With Legacy Education Alliance, I am now re-launching into the marketplace a full spectrum of vocational, trade and traditional education pathways — in Real Estate Trading, Investments, Influence and Personal Branding, Biohacking, Financial Literacy and Online-accredited Degree Completion Programs – and more. I am confident our products and services can be a great value to either you and/or your family and friends.

Our business is poised at the intersection of EdTech and Web3.  If you are an accredited investor, or which to share this with someone who is, please click here to request more information. 

It’s been quite a year! While developing my leadership role with Legacy over the past four years, I have concurrently represented a Family Office network, speaking in forums all over the country and internationally, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ghana-Africa etc.! (photo to the left at the orphanage)

With the world and our nation facing unprecedented challenges, we are confronted with profound responsibility.  We must make sound decisions and pursue pathways that will best serve our families and the greater good. Let’s join forces and thrive in 2023!